Stephen Whitehorne

Photography is many different things. As my chosen profession since the 1980s, it is a way to earn a living but, being a photographer has always felt much more than that. As the late, great Cartier Bresson famously put it “photography is a way of life” which means, for better or for worse, photography pretty much defines who I am.

Today, a client’s brief might be to convey the intimate charm of a country cottage garden in Perthshire, or to do justice to the splendour of a highland castle’s grand interiors for instance. Tomorrow, I might be in a different place in every way, my curiosity stirred instead perhaps by an evocative tapestry of autumnal tones in a Borders woodland or maybe my gaze has been drawn to the transient manifestations of light and texture on the surface of a remote upland lochan.

From photographs which help to sell a property, illustrate a book or to portray someone’s personality, to those which attempt to capture the beauty of an intimate landscape or to freeze the poetry of a fleeting moment, my response, camera in hand, invariably brings a new interpretation of the observed subject.

I learned my craft with film cameras when there were few options in post-processing and when taking pictures could be a costly activity. I have now embraced the digital age but remain an advocate of the “let’s get it right in camera” school of photography rather than having been lured by the “let’s see if we can make this good in Photoshop” way of doing things.

As a professional photographer, I have been working with estate agents, design companies, book and magazine publishers and many other clients for nearly 30 years. My Fine Art prints have been exhibited widely at galleries in the UK and, since 2013, my photographs are now on display in the new art gallery I co-run with my partner, Virginie Renard, in Coldstream, in the Scottish Borders.

I hope you enjoy the work in the portfolios on this website. Please feel free to contact me, whether for commission or indeed anything else you would like to share on things photographic.